Sponsor or Feature your project!

Two of the most popular promotions offered on Spinrilla are Sponsors and Features.

Once you log into your Spinrilla Artist Account, click on the mixtape you are looking to promote. 

You should see a yellow banner at the top of your mixtape page that says one of two things: 


  • This project is eligible for promotion.
  • To Sponsor or Feature this eligible tape, follow the link in the banner. 


  • This project is not eligible for promotion
  • You will not be able to Sponsor or Feature this project


If you need further assistance from the Spinrilla team, please email a link to the project you are looking to promote and information about the issue you are having to [email protected]



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    DJ Big Frank

    How do I get my project to become eligible for promotion?

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    international wig

    Dj Big Frank Man all you get is some automated script message there Tech Service is horrible .there is never a real answer to problems you get the same message over and over.at this point, I have no idea Lol how to get sponsored on this site.

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