How do I download music from the Spinrilla app?

You can add a mixtape to your library, or tape the additional step of downloading a mixtape to have it available for offline use. 

To add a mixtape to your library (not available for offline use) click on the Screen_Shot_2020-02-13_at_4.40.20_PM.png button.

IMG_5692.PNG         IMG_5693.PNG

To download a tape, you need to take the extra strep of downloading it to your library. 

First click the Screen_Shot_2020-02-13_at_4.40.20_PM.png button, and the Screen_Shot_2020-02-13_at_4.47.49_PM.png button. That tape is now downloaded.

IMG_5695.PNG IMG_5696.PNG IMG_5698.PNG

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