What is required to post a single?

All singles must be uploaded via Backstage. The Spotlight section is curated by the Spinrilla team.


If you are an artist uploading a single, make sure your audio content type is mp3, and that your cover is a square jpeg or png. Spinrilla prefers images that are 1000px by 1000px.


Artists can only upload content that they have created.

 If you are a DJ uploading a track for an artist, please upload the track to that artist's page, and not your own. Make sure you have consent to upload the track. If the track is copyrighted, it will not be allowed on Spinrilla. 

The proper format for a single is 

  • Artist Name - Track Title (Feat. Co Artist)

We do not add production credits to singles.

All submitted singles are available for download.



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